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Europe and North America
vCores: 4
NVMe: 100 GB
VPS Limit : 4
IPs : 2
Traffic: Unlimited
Connectivity: Up to 1Gbps
OS: Linux and Windows
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Europe and North America
vCores: 6
RAM: 16 GB
NVMe: 200 GB
VPS Limit : 6
IPs : 3
Traffic: Unlimited
Connectivity: Up to 1Gbps
Full control: Yes
OS: Linux and Windows

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Europe and North America
vCores: 8
RAM: 32 GB
NVMe: 400 GB
VPS Limit : 8
IPs : 4
Traffic: Unlimited
Connectivity: Up to 1Gbps
Full control: Yes
OS: Linux and Windows

Best Value
Full Control & OS Reinstall
99.999% Uptime
Secure & Optimized


Source and Static NAT options.


Use predefined Firewall rules or create your own.

Port forwarding

Create your own rules for Virtual instances behind a NAT gateway.


Configure the Load-balancer with Round-robin, Least connection or Source.


Up to 1Gbps through Public Networks and 10Gbps via Private Networks.

DDoS protection

By default, all our services have automatic Anti-DDoS protection enabled.

Fast Setup

Get your service in less than 3 minutes.

Full Control

Web manager grants you server administration rights.

No Contract or Additional Fees

With Open.Hosting you don’t have to worry about any additional fees or contractual obligations.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
All you need to know about Fixed NVMe Cloud

Q: What is the difference between Fixed Cloud and Flexible Cloud?

Fixed Cloud allows you to buy a pre-configured package, whereas Flexible Cloud gives you the possibility to customize your own setup.

Q: What is NVMe?

NVMe stands for Non-Volatile Memory (attached via PCI Express). This reduces I\O and delivers a slightly better performance in comparison with SSD or HDD.

Q: Can I use the Load balancer for free?

Yes, all features are included without any additional fees.

Q: What is Source NAT?

Source NAT allows Virtual instances behind a private network to access the internet. So in case you need to connect from an external network to the Virtual instance you have to create a Port forwarding rule or change from Source to Static NAT.

Q: What is Static NAT?

Static NAT is a static translation of a source IP address 1-to-1 without affecting the source port. You are able to connect from internal to external networks without any additional rules or vice-versa.

Q: Can I upgrade my service?

You can upgrade your service anytime simply by clicking the "scale" buttton from your account.

Q: Do I have Re-install, Re-build options?

From your account you are able to Re-install/Re-build the service anytime using any of our OS templates or by installing one from ISO.

Q: Can I run, install any software?

Yes, you can run any software compatible with Linux or Windows, except pirated software or any other cracked softwares for illegal purpose.

Q: What is "VPS Limit"?

VPS Limit indicates the number of Instances/VPS you are able to create with the selected package.