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By selecting one of our pre-configured VPS setups you should be online in a few seconds. Customizing your Cloud might take a little longer.

Latest Hardware

We are always up to date with technology developments and use top quality hardware devices in order to ensure the best performance.

Windows & Linux

Choose whichever software you find more appropriate for your type of work. You can also use both by adding multiple VPS thanks to Cloud solutions.

Maximum Flexibility

Configure your own virtual server by selecting the exact resources necessary at any time. Cost-effective and with instant results.

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Our servers are located in many countries around the world. Check all of them here.
Open.Hosting Flexible Cloud VPS
Windows & Linux VPS, Powered by SSD technology.

In a world that is constantly changing, flexibility is the key to adapt. If you’re having trouble trying to find a VPS suitable for your type of business, consider asking one of our guys from Tech Support about how to customize your own virtual machine and what are the exact resources necessary to conduct your work efficiently.

Full Control & OS Reinstall
99.999% Uptime
Secure & Optimized
Flexible Configurations
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1 – 8 CPUs
2GB – 32GB RAM
30 GB – 500 GB NVMe Storage
Create multiple machines
Weekly Payments
24/7 Support
Windows or Linux
Europe or North America
Predefined plans
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You are not sure how to customize your VPS? No problem, we have three strong, optimized and affordable Cloud VPS plans for you. All three plans are predefined and you can choose the one you need for your projects.
Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
Any questions? Here are some answers!

Q: What is the difference between Flexible Cloud and Fixed Cloud?

With Flexible Cloud you have the possibility to create your own plan, compared to Fixed Cloud where you can only buy a pre-configured package.

Q: When will I have my account ready to use?

Your service will be delivered in less than 3 minutes. Any possible delay will only occur due to payment verification.

Q: How do I cancel my Account?

With a simple click on "cancel" button your service will be canceled before due date or immediately, depends of your choice.

Q: How many VPSs can I install under one account?

There is no VPS limit with Flexible cloud, 1 VPS requires minimum 1 vCore. If you have 8 vCores that means you're able to provide up to 8 VPS instances.

Q: Do I have access to the Load Balancer or Firewall?

Yes, all features are included without any additional fee.

Q: Is there a way to upgrade?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your resources anytime.

Q: Do I have Administrative privileges?

Yes, you have Administrative rights for any Operating System you choose. You can also Reinstall, Resize or Restart the instance at any moment.

Q: Can I run, install any software?

Yes, you can run any software compatible with Linux or Windows, except pirated software or any other cracked softwares for illegal purpose.

Q: Can I request more than 8 vCores?

Yes, just send us an email. We provide a large amount of resources in order to match with your project.