Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
You have questions? We’ve got answers!

Q: What is the difference between Flexible Cloud and Fixed Cloud?

With Flexible Cloud you have the possibility to create your own plan, compared to Fixed Cloud where you can only buy a pre-configured package.

Q: How do I cancel my Account?

With a simple click on “cancel” button your service will be canceled before due date or immediately, depends of your choice.

Q: How many VPSs can I install under one account?

There is no VPS limit with Flexible cloud, 1 VPS requires minimum 1 vCore. If you have 8 vCores that means you’re able to provide up to 8 VPS instances.

Q: Do I have access to the Load Balancer or Firewall?

Yes, all features are included without any additional fee.

Q: Is there a way to upgrade?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your resources anytime.

Q: Do I have Administrative privileges?

Yes, you have Administrative rights for any Operating System you choose. You can also Reinstall, Resize or Restart the instance at any moment.

Q: Can I run, install any software?

Yes, you can run any software compatible with Linux or Windows, except pirated software or any other cracked softwares for illegal purpose.

Q: Can I request more than 8 vCores?

Yes, just send us an email. We provide a large amount of resources in order to match with your project.

Q: What is the difference between SSD VPS and NVMe VPS?

The only difference is storage type.

Q: What is SSD?

SSD is Solid-state drive attached via SATA that brings various performance improvements in comparison to HDD.

Q: Can I use the Firewall for free?

Yes, all features are included without any additional fees.

Q: What is Source NAT ?

Source NAT allows virtual instances behind a private network to access the internet. If you need to connect from an external network to the virtual instance you have to create a port forwarding rule or change from Source to Static NAT.

Q: What is Static NAT?

Static NAT is the static translation of a source IP address 1-to-1 without affecting the source port. You are able to connect from internal to external networks without any additional rules and vice-versa.

Q: Can I upgrade my service ?

You can upgrade your package anytime by clicking the “scale” button from your account.

Q: Do I have a re-install, re-build option?

Yes, from your account you are able to re-install/re-build the setup anytime using any of our OS templates or by installing one from ISO.

Q: Do I have RDP or SSH access?

Yes, for the Windows instances you may connect via RDP, while for Linux through SSH. We also provide a Web Console which is very useful in case you don’t have a RDP or SSH client.

Q: What is the difference between NVMe VPS and SSD VPS?

The only difference is storage type.

Q: What is NVMe?

NVMe stands for Non-Volatile Memory (attached via PCI Express). This reduces I\O and delivers a slightly better performance in comparison with SSD or HDD.

Q: Why should i need a Firewall?

Firewall will allow you to block incoming or outgoing traffic, in this way you can protect, secure your service.

Q: Which is the best choice, SSD or NVMe?

If you need much higher speed for your VPS storage, then we recommend you to use NVMe.